Sean Evans Gets Schooled on the Carolina Reaper by Smokin’ Ed Currie | Hot Ones

Joylandi 22-Apr, 2021
For Hot Ones fans, the name Smokin’ Ed Currie should be very familiar. You’ve heard Sean refer to him as the “Michael Jordan of hot chilies”; you’ve seen Sean dying on Smokin’ Ed’s infamous Carolina Reaper with Chili Klaus (twice!); and you’ve watched guests week after week suffering the wrath of The Last Dab, whose various iterations have been made with Ed’s other extreme creations, Pepper X and Apollo.

To provide fans with a deeper education in spice, Sean hooked up with Smokin’ Ed for a special Q\u0026A covering everything from the origin story of the Carolina Reaper, to spice-world skullduggery, to the science of how your body reacts to hot chilies. For those who want to dabble in DIY spice, you’ll also hear about Ed’s new partnership with Bonnie Plants, which makes it easier than ever for Spice Lords to grow their own hot peppers.

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  • What would you name the next hottest pepper?

    • Assburn 1000

    • Passionate Pain

    • The “Cawk-Blower”

    • Butter Puck

    • Seans, The Hot One.

  • tried those carolina reaper flavored nuts at the 711. They were hot enough for me, the type that will make your head swell and sweat bullets, my eyes was about to pop out lol.

  • he is about to cry

  • He truly is the man who can beat goku

  • I bet I could swallow full bottle of hot sauce of Carolina repper. Do it! Invite me. I will do it

  • Magma X

  • If it’s your brain that perceives what’s hot, then why does my bum hole gets ravaged the next morning?

  • I find it hard to believe that little plant had a pepper on it already I'm currently growing a plant that is three times the size of that and no pepper yet


  • "white people hate spice"

  • I've got a scorpion and a reaper, both in a hydroponic rig in my greenhouse (both bonnie). First time ever, wish me luck

  • Rock Hill, SC woo hoo!

  • Can you guys invite him to the show? I wanna see him toe to toe with Sean

  • "Talk to me like I'm a five year old" "Well, the quantum quarks have tight bonding between them and they make up sub atomic particles such as the neutron and proton"

  • The one or two premature peppers that come off a sprout are kids play. The plant wont produce any more nor make the real deal for a few months. I have been growing Bhut Jolokia since the university of New Mexico got their hands on the seeds. I have grown one over 12ft tall in one zone 7 season. This guy is just a hack.

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  • I hope Ed don't give money shots

  • Bonnie is a subsidiary of miracle grow which is owned by Monsanto the biggest evil corporation in the agriculture world. They are despicable. Please don't support them in any way.

  • 8:09 I planted about 100 pepper seeds 10 weeks early for my annual sale this year, and none of them germinated. Dumped all the used soil into my compost heap, and came back 2 weeks later to find them all germinated. I just can't understand peppers.

  • Nice ad

  • bonnieplants dead link

  • The bloke is an absolute lunatic. Mad respect. When it cuts to him post-cartoon and his eyes are watering I almost pissed myself laughing. Legend.

  • Can't wait for the Sean Evans pepper to hit the market

  • Been waiting for this for quite a while, surprised it never hit my notifications

  • I have Bonnie plants in my garden! Ed is getting loaded on those peppers 🤣🤣

  • Been working my way up the scale..Im up to Ghost-pepper/Habenaro sauce.. says up to 1 million scoville on the bottle but man it was pretty tasty lol

  • Ed thank you this year I went all out on my garden I love 🌶️ I eat it eveerday. I wish I could quiet my job a grow peppers for a ever day thing. I'm from Canada Toronto.

  • I have a plant full of reapers in my bank yard

  • I don't know why I watched this, I like mildly hot but nothing like these killers. I don't want to be even in the same area code where they are.

  • Wow my colon quivered just watching this lol. I just wish I could place an order with Bonnie plants though. Can't wait to take over my dad's garden and make some hot sauces this fall.

  • Any one eles have issue with there order

  • Thanks for the tip on bonnie plants, we will be ordering some plants today


  • 3:00, while I agree that the peppers themselves can't do that, they do trigger a release of stomach acid. Ask anyone who eats really hot peppers, it kills your stomach if you don't protect it.

  • I admire the genuine enthusiasm for his craft

  • What an interesting dude lmao, awesome

  • Getting high on peppers

  • This guy has the best job in the world I mean come on, just grow and breed peppers all day?

  • His urine melts titanium.

  • He's like the evil Gregor Mendel of peppers. I love it

  • Ed is a God!!!!

  • Cool commercial

  • Primotali

  • I’ve never eaten a pepper nearly as hot as the reaper, but it fascinates me that people like Ed and others seem to get high when eating them.

  • First time reaper grower here. Been pampering 5 plants all winter long. They are HUGE! Just took them outside. Looking forward to a great harvest! Go hot ones!! You guys got me on this! All your fault! I love you for it!

  • This stuff is no joke, if you are like a lot of people then you've probably only gotten to the habanero level. That's kind of like reaching just below the surface of an ocean that gives way to an entire world of pain. To some a reaper could even kill or hospitalize them. To those willing and able to experience it it's like plugging into an overcharged battery, it really does get you high but not in the way that a drug does, it turns you up and tunes you in. Past the pain lies many potentials that you never knew you had access to. I think the pain triggers flow and in a strange way that allows you to sustain it and explore it for awhile instead of just not knowing what happened the last time you did something that you can't explain.

  • I can wait to try the hot sauce but I don’t want to wait to be miserable .

  • Scotch Bonnet is the all time Champ🏆!

  • You should interview Keith from Try Guys at some point. He makes his own hot sauce, loves fried chicken, and has a geographic tongue 🥵

  • Great video guys.

  • Peppers not actually hot? That sounds like fake news to me...

  • lol... that little pepper sprout with a ripe pepper set on it like it's growing... OMG HE ACTUALLY CLAIMED IT WAS HAPPENING!! FUCKING FRAUD!

  • Ghost pepper taste nasty

  • We need Jim Carrey!

  • People really do eat hot stuff to get high

  • If he arrives to 90, I start eating reaper peppers too

  • Tears of Magma

  • Can anyone help me find a certain Sean Evans video?? I’m going absolutely crazy trying find a certain clip online. My memory remembers watching a QnA video with Sean and someone asked him if anyone has cheated the Gauntlet. He answered something along the lines of “yes, but that is all I’m going to say about it”. My memory remembers it being a regular QnA episode at-least a year ago. I know for a fact it was after Gordon Ramsay, but I feel it is more recent than that. I assumed it would’ve been the april 2020 one. Now, I went back and watched all the QnA episodes (along with xmas and covid update type videos) and I CANNOT FIND THIS QUESTION BEING ASKED! I’m starting to think my memory is remembering things incorrectly and I need your help! There’s a chance it could be a separate podcast Sean was interviewed in, regular episode or maybe even a written article. I am losing sleep at night.

  • The Reaper is a great gift for mankind. The plants are gorgeous, the pods taste amazing and the heat is surely beneficial for YOUR health. Since Ed pushed the limits, the science can now study these benefits. Thank you for your years of hard work and dedication, Ed. Sir Ed.

  • I like the Beavis and Butthead inspired animation near the end!

  • I love the buzz i get from reapers too, that's why ed currie is awesome

  • Some great advice there, what cool bloke.👍

  • Where was Sean’s pepper?

  • and the award for highest spice tolerance goes to.... Smokin Ed Curry!!!!

  • Sean: Talk to me like I’m five years old **proceeds to receive a lesson in the language of science**

  • So I’ve actually started growing one of smokin eds Carolina reapers, and it started growing black spots all over it. Anyone know what’s happening by any chance? Figured I could ask it here because why not

    • @Daniel Kiefer it has black spots all over it’s top leaves and I don’t get soil on the leaves when I water it so idk why it’s doing it.

    • Are the black spots on the leaves? It might be a blight caused by a fungus. Make sure you're not splashing dirt onto the leaves when you water it.

  • stop being gay libs afraid of the flu

  • That sounds like a REALLY BAD IDEA....WHEN DO WE START....

  • Really cool. Awesome video Just subscribed

  • An interview with the King/ mad scientist Himself. Upvote. Amen. GG. Next game.

  • Currie berry

  • So....any European retailers selling this plant?

  • 6:46 Looks like my uncle

  • The Svalbard Vault. Which is where he should send his seeds for the ultimate protection

  • Was there some kind of editing issue at 00:46 ish? It seems to just cut off.

  • How ... must you be that you have to get high on peppers? Please fill in the word. "Pepper-Buzz" - suuuuure. Pff.

  • Where is da bomb...

  • I order these plants from Bonnies but they never shipped them. Big Bummer! I'll have to look elsewhere.

  • Jeff Dunham just copied your show. Would LOVE to see him on your show with his new Hot Sauces releases.

  • Ed Currie is a Saint! ❤️

  • Moistcr1tikal for hot ones

  • Dude is getting a buzz off the peppers wtffff 😂

  • get doja cat on hot ones !!!

  • Jeff wittek needs to be on the showwwww!

  • In the next video bring on Alpha M. as he said in his latest video that he would like to be in a video.

  • Sean Evans Pepper: 69,000,000 Scoville

  • Can u call the spice king

  • Sean should have eaten a reaper!

  • Devil's load.

  • I like Mme. Jeanette (Habanero) and Ajumi for cooking.


  • I love this guy.....

  • PLEASE get Jorge Masvidal on this show!!!!!

  • Next pepper.... the snevenskannevans....

  • This is the most entertaining interview, please bring Smokin’ Ed Curry back for another one soon!

  • Dude invite spice king its gonna be easy

  • Spice lord! Lol, I wonder how many people know where that originates from? Love it!!!

  • I'm so amazed at Q and As portion. Smokin Ed Currie answered like Albert Einstein is living in him. So precise

  • delicious flavor, delicious heat.....i love the reaper

  • It's sad because last year I bought a Bonnie Plants "Carolina Reaper" seedling at Home Depot. It was a habanero.