Kenan Thompson Becomes a Card-Carrying Spiceman While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Joylandi 25-Fev, 2021
Kenan Thompson is a bonafide TV legend. From his roots at Nickelodeon to becoming the longest tenured cast member in Saturday Night Live history, he's been making us laugh for over 25 years. He also stars in a new comedy series from NBC-it's called Kenan, Tuesdays 830/730C. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as entertainment vet takes on the wings of death, regales Sean with tales of cooking Gordon Ramsay's eggs, and even busts out a Steve Harvey impression for good measure.








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firstwefeastFirst We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country’s best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.

First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.


  • Besides Kenan, which SNL cast member-past or present-would you most want to see on Hot Ones?

  • Wow. Keenan is a normal serious guys and doesn't exhibit anything funny about him compared to when he is acting. Where as someone like Kevin Hart was funny through out.

  • Kenan straight destroyed himself with that coating of Da Bomb... Big respect geez chill!

  • Tfw you realize keenan isnt really interesting or funny irl

  • wow i love him !! so cool

  • Kenan is Spiceman for sure! crushed those wings no problem

  • 516 dislikes????!!!!!!!! Really?????!!!! Kenan rocks!!!!!!

  • The adorable snake biomechanically punish because triangle electronically include excluding a swift october. xenophobic, giddy queen

  • Sean nearly suffered just as much as Kenan! Probably the worst I've seen Sean at on the sauce! lol And he's usually stone cold! Kenan crushed it!

  • Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen

  • Anybody gunna ask how his back is from carrying SNL

  • hey hey hey, it’s fat albert

  • I’ve been watching SNL since 1984. Kenan is my favorite cast member.

  • Really hope kenan is as good as he seems they usually never are im rootin for him tho all the way

  • What’s the piano solo song they play on the last dab? 😂 it’s 🔥

  • Good burger a classic movie

  • Now I want a follow up with Kel

  • Kenan killed this

  • Kenan has Benjamin Button disease

  • Lmao, I don't know how many ol' skool heads are in here....Some young cats might have been hipped to it. If you have ever seen the movie 'Which Way Is Up' with Richard Pryor.....When them folk came to his crib with the newspaper and one way ticket out of town asking if he was LeRoy Jones, he contorted his face and said "no sir" . Man, if you don't know what I'm talking about go and watch the movie. Within the first 20-30 minutes you should see what I'm talking about. If you have seen the movie and know what I'm talking about, check Kenan's face at 16:57. That ish had me cracking up. I only saw it one and a half times before I had to pause and type this. Best believe I'm about to watch it three or four more times.

  • Bro the terminator 3d at universal 🤘🏼

  • They didn’t talk about fat Albert! Sad

  • Oh Kenan you’re an absolute beautiful soul. I hope you know we love you 💖

  • I nominate Kel and khleo thomas for hot ones!!

  • Alright honey badger, don't do me dirty now...

  • I honestly think I might cry when Kenan retires from SNL

  • I want to see chuck norris up in there

  • We need a Druski2funny hot ones ASAP.

  • Please now that I see Kenan on the show I would love if you interview Ryan Gosling!.

  • Watched to see if you were going to about Kel..... Dissapointed

  • I would like to see Kate McKinnon.

  • You’re a good man, Kenyan. I have always enjoyed watching you perform. Thanks for being on this challenge and revealing more of who you are. Keep. Up the good work!

  • "Any more questions"? 😭😭😭

  • "It smells like a problem"! 😭😭

  • "Oh snap, comin off the some"!

  • Ewww weeee wat up wit dat???

  • Spice man #1! Lol

  • R.I.P. Alex Trebek.

  • Love the dude

  • You can’t not LOVE this man, Kenan is such a gem!!! 💜

  • Dude these interviews are so good. Sean’s way of getting to know them is so easy and the questions always flow, i feel like i actually learn about the guests. And then its fun to watch them bond over how hot the wings are

  • hands down my favourite episode.

  • Is that the guy from Good Burger

  • I'm may 10th too!

  • Best ending by far!

  • 17:05 the most honest answer lol

  • 🎶”It’s AAAAALLLLL THAT!” Miss that show.. Keenan will always be a LEGEND

  • He Ready!

  • Bill Murray !!!!

  • Bill Murray !!!!

  • This man is and has always been hilarious they should keep the "SPICY ASS HELL" at the end of every episode lol that would be to cool

  • LOL OMG I love Kenan with all my heart I literally screamed when he was dunking the dabomb like nooooooooo lmao but he got his spicy degree

  • This is the BEST one!!!!!!! Absolutely love Kenen

  • To be issued your Certified Spicemen Card from Sean Evans has got to be an incredible feeling

  • Taran killiam

  • He's so calm!

  • Fat albert

  • he grew up so much from good burger

  • Sean you are an absolutely wonderful ,gutsy lol, and engaging Hot Ones host and a blessing during Covid for a very sick cancer, not Corona, gal as you keep it feeling very connected during a disconnected time thank you so much!!! You are a real star and I truly hope and pray that you are blessed!!!

  • I cant get over the fact that Kenan Thompson so casually exposed Pete Davidson’s intestinal issues 😭💀

    • It's not like it's a secret, Pete has discussed it in several interviews.

  • is Vulfpeck playing the intro here?

  • My wife called herself being funny putting my Da bomb sauce in the chili for me to taste like “babe taste this what’s it missing”. I wanted to stone cold stunner her ass after that shid 😩🤣

  • yoooooooo

  • Came here to see if the Nickelodeon show Kenan and Kel was mentioned. Loved that show

  • This dude is old young money for sure.

  • Dang got those mighty ducks question.

  • Sean getting legit excited that Kenan watches his game show 🥺

  • I would be interested in a short video about how you guts set things up with the wings during the pandemic

  • "I smell it. It smells like a problem" I don't know why that was so funny

  • Spencer got weak for the first time with Kenan. Lol. It hit him even tho he done so many episodes

  • This is literally me eating spicy foods

  • I wanna see a Leslie Jones Episode.

  • Amazing performance Keenan. Loved this guy since all that. Loved Keenan and Kel. GOODBURGER!

  • Happy birthday bro lol I’m watching it April 26th lls 😂

  • Tina Fey

  • Happy Birthday Sean much love! My son turns 4 today my bday is Sat #Taurus

  • Happy Birthday, Sean!

  • There needs to be a hot ones soundboard

  • Sean Evan's stomach is made from Titanium. Tom Hanks would be awesome to see on this show.

  • Eyyyyyyy Fat Albert

  • Kenan might want to pitch a sketch called “The Spiceman Cometh” about the hipster millennial phenomenon of being obsessed with hot foods. Bonus points for cross-references to bacon.

  • I love how they get halfway through and Kenan is as cool as a cucumber and the host is turning red and in tears. It's usually the other way around. LOL

  • Kenan is awesome

  • yoooo!!! its dababy

  • So if the guest don't choke, that spirit catches Sean! 🤣🤣

  • I respect Kenan so much even before this episode. However, dude didn't even break a sweat. Wutz up with dat?

  • Do Mr.Beast

  • Original tradition: dab on the last wing Newer tradition: dab every wing Keenan T: "RUB IT IN, RUB IT IN 🎶"

  • Kenan you mad bastard! Love it. Top man.

  • These video chat episodes fuckimg suck

  • I always thought this dude was hella annoying but I must say he’s looking excellent these days!! I’m proud of him for always staying so even and not letting fame ruin him! I hope he keeps that shit up! 👍🏽

  • The 1st Eddie Huang episode was the funniest/best hot ones

  • Heavy Weights 😁

  • "Herd mentality" he didn't really like that word "reliable"

  • When he pours all that Da Bomb >.

  • Cash app $napalmneezy love you

  • As always, an absolute legend! Thanks for another great!

  • Fucking dig at the chiefs or just Mathieu??

  • why do i stil feel like kenans still in his 20s when hes 42 already

  • keenan sounds like lil wayne speaaking in a dave chapelle cadence