Keke Palmer Listens to the Devil While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Joylandi 6-May, 2021
Hot Ones legend Keke Palmer is back for a Reunion Special, baby! She’s actress, writer, and singer with more than 50 TV shows and films over the course of her almost two-decade-long career. Her latest projects are the new Audible series, Hit Job, and Turnt Up With the Taylors on Facebook Watch. And now, the Season 3 alum is back for an extra-hot bonus round, brought to you by Field Roast, the maker of delicious plant-based meats and cheeses.







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  • Issa BONUS reunion! Which past guest do you most want to see come back for a second round with the wings of death? Season 15 coming soon!

    • Aubrey plaza

    • Bring back Gordon Ramsey because I have never laughed harder 🤞🏽

    • More comedians! Black white Spanish, the whole mixing pot of comedians! There's nothing like a funny ass person, trying to remain funny with their mouths Ablaze

    • Guy Fieri! He loves spicy food and conversation is always OnPoint

    • @Belle Story that would be another instant classic! And funny as hell

  • This was an amazing interview 👏🏽 love keke she killed it

  • I love love love her energy omg This was a delight to watch lol

  • she takin tiny little nibbles smh

  • Stopped watching after “plant based nugget”

  • I dont know if its the hair but...she looks so much older here.

  • Keke is a kiiiiiiiiiii

  • Her Personality and Energy is UNMATCHED. Love KEKE

  • When they added idris coughing😂

  • That was her best acting job cause she was in trouble😂😂😂

  • She did about what they said, she broke

  • Did she break y’all? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 22:05

  • Keke is always a great interview to watch. She really gets it!

  • Her holographic unicorn nails are stunning and stylish and youthful and fun just like her hair and overall style!

  • She's a dynamic and beautiful young woman! Very genuine and unapologetically herself! Periodt!

  • She’s funny! love her personality💙

  • U have to have Nick Wiger and Mike Mitchell on!!!

  • Her aesthetic was enough for me love the hair😍

  • Ugh! You’re a horrible human being if you don’t love this woman’s genuine sincerity and presence. Her entire aura is a mood-she exudes good vibes.

  • I love her energy!! A true gem 💕

  • It's been a while since I have watched the episodes. Someone please explain this format to me? are they in the same room? they look like they're looking at each other.

  • On them vegan nuggets ohhhhh snap

  • Can I be on hot ones u can ask me about my life 🙃🙃

  • Impressive! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Fuck them wings I’m tryna eat keke instead

  • Them Vegan nuggets?

  • Don’t play with her!!!!!

  • "baby. baby, that's keke palmer"

  • I’m sorry the background with idris coughing took me out 🤣🤣🤣

  • So we gonna have Keke play Angela Bassett biopic 🤷🏾‍♂️🤣 swear this her daughter

  • Gordon Ramsey, only he cooks the wings himself.

  • Whenever I see Keke Palmer, I can't help but think of Norm Macdonald flirting with her on Conan

  • She has such an amazing personality! I love that she came back because she’s always a great time

  • Thy did Idiris dirty asf

  • Trailer park boys!

  • Keke be crushin on our boy a little i think 😂😍

  • I wanna marry this woman. She's Amazing!

  • Didn't realise until halfway through that they weren't actually in the same place 😂

  • KeKe said “I don’t remember it being this hot”… honey, I don’t remember you being this hot! Edit: Love this woman! KeKe for president!

  • She is so putting in mind of Angela Bassett vibes right now 🤣🤣Aww Keke you doing great.

  • Just thought it amusing that when I saw thumbnail for this it had 666k views.

  • Keke classic keke ❤️❤️💯

  • Wonderful energy but she was almost taking invisible bites, although props for that brave final nugget of vegetable fire that she took like a champ .

  • Why hasn’t nobody wifed her up yet 😫😫😫

  • She's definitely an old soul in a younger body.

  • Why is it called Wings when she's eating nuggets 💀

  • Wait She Wasn't Killed By A Metra Train? Kween Is A Fighter.

  • I have never heard of Kiki before have no clue she has but God damn she's so intelligent it's sexy. Being gorgeous doesn't hurt either.

  • Looking old..

  • Imma wife this woman one day bruh

  • Dam she's hardcore. Dj Khaled take notes bro 😂🤣

  • This was such a great interview and you all decided to give her this title? Do better Hot Ones

  • Hot anfd funny

  • She’s so fine. Man.

  • She's stylish

  • The reason why there is only 1 person per season is because the percentage of black people that will actually do it is really low

  • Her skin Her hair Her energy is everything

  • Her personality is so infectious

  • I like her

  • Good chemistry...could have watched all day.

  • such an angel 🥰 love her!!!!

  • Too emotional ....Everytime I see her she just has so much class and respect for those who came before her.. and the way she said Angela's name shows that she left a major impression on KeKe.

  • If there's a biopic about Eartha Kitt, I think Keke Palmer would do that role well

  • You cannot make #Keke tap out‼️ Just ❤️ her🔥🔥🔥

  • She gives me Whitney vibes.

  • I really don’t like the title of this video.... buttttttt HUNNYYYYY KEEKEE gave me everything I needed... but still change the damn title of this video!

  • They should get Keke to play a young Angela basset in her life story movie

  • Her face looks different like older or something

  • She took a baby bite of the one with da bomb sauce.

  • LOVE KEKE !!!

  • True Jackson was truly one of the best shows on Tv during that era. Especially for such a young audience

  • She is literally my best friend in my mind 😂😂😂

  • Keke is the best. I smiled and laughed so many times watching this

  • Gotta get some jackfruit nuggets.... Shoutout Jackfruit Everythang (based in Boston... peace out)

  • Her hair is so cuteee

  • I'm mad she didn't eat the whole Nugget 😂😡

  • I love Keke’s energy she is so fabulous! Sending love and light to you all 💕🥰👋

  • She has such a Chicago auntie vibe! I love it!😂😂😂

  • No chicken nuggets

  • Keke is so beautiful

  • I love this lady

  • The call back to the Idris cough sound effect had me dyin

  • I thoroughly enjoyed watching her

  • What you got going on? *gulp, gulp, gulp*

  • The last one was good with her

  • Ugh. Top tier.

  • 15:09 playing with power viewers hear Ryan’s intro monologue when their music started?

  • camera guy stole the show with the pancake part

  • She reminds me so much of Whitney Houston.. beautiful eyes and lips

  • Just as I was thinking, "She's been taking such dainty bites..." She finishes that last nugget LIKE A BOSS!! Much respect. ;->

  • Excuse me I’m gettin a lil gassy 💀

  • @1:34 KING!!!👑🤴🏼

  • I love how legends approve of Keke to play them. Shes great at everything she does with that vibe being a plus. Chili loves her and approved, Angela Bassett said she would want Keke to play her. I love it

  • omg I still remember I used to watch her from True Jackson VP! those were the times!

  • Yassssss keke😍😍😍

  • Lady Miss is not just an act, it is literally her personality 😂❤️

  • Keke IS live action Tiana! That's it. That's that! Sign her up!

  • A real African Sister, i'm impressed now i want to marry you Keke.

  • is this her natural hair ??? she’s making me feel good about having a short cut 😭

    • She looks amazing. Please black women bring back the pure natural look.

    • She said it was her natural hair 💗

  • Her personality is amazing!